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We bring budtenders together for networking, education, and fun.
Online Community for Budtenders

Online Community

Network with other Budtenders online and in person


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Live Events

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Budtender Career Development Opportunities

Career Development


Boost your career

Supercharge your job and career with Budtenders Club. Network and have fun with other budtenders across the country. Get career development tips, join live chats with industry experts, learn the latest employment opportunities and trends in the cannabis industry.

Boost your Budtender career
Network with other Budtenders

Network with others

Make meaningful connections and have fun with other budtenders and dispensary employees. Participate in online and live events in your local community. Build relationships with other cannabis industry professionals to benefit you for years to come.

Unified voice in the industry

Budtenders are a critical component in the cannabis industry. We represent the interests of budtenders and dispensary employees in the cannabis community. We give budtenders a voice in shaping our industry. We collaborate with other industry associations that assist budtenders and our community.

Unified voice in the industry for Budtenders
Exclusive online community for Budtenders

Exclusive online community

Our private online community is for budtenders and dispensary employees only. It’s on its own platform (no Facebook groups for us!). It’s private, it’s secure, and it’s all for us. Join us online for fun, live online events, free giveaways, learning, sharing, networking, and so much more.

Live Events

We hold live events in medical and recreational states. Network, learn, sample products, and have fun as you eat, drink, and meet others at live events in cities throughout America. Our live events are a must for career-oriented budtenders and dispensary employees active in the cannabis community.

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Comments from budtenders about Budtenders Club
Ohio's Budtenders Club
Megan, Ohio

“It felt like I was right where I needed to be. I liked how relaxed everyone was. Having the opportunity to meet other likeminded people who value education, information and growth along with a good time was phenomenal.”

Arizona's Budtenders Club
Arielle, Arizona

“Loved being able to be around a huge group of people who understand your daily frustrations in a cool environment being able to just smoke and be ourselves but also still learn some things and network.”

Ohio's Budtenders Club
Chantez, Ohio

“Lots of Budtenders traveled in to network and it was a packed house! Refreshments were great and the vibe was perfect! Can’t wait to do it again!”

Answers to Common Questions

What is Budtenders Club?

Budtenders Club is a national association that brings together budtenders and dispensary employees for networking, education, career development, and to advance goodwill in the cannabis industry.


We help budtenders and dispensary managers stay informed, network, and prosper.

Who Can Join Budtenders Club?

Membership to Budtenders Club is restricted to those actively employed as a budtender or dispensary employee only. No exceptions.

Where are your live events?

Our live events are held at various locations throughout the country. Our event schedule can be found within our online community. You can also find our event schedule here.

Is Budtenders Club Free?

Membership to our club is free and we don’t charge members to attend our events.

Do you have an app?

Our platform is hosted on Mighty Networks.  You can find the mobile app for Apple IOS App Store here and for Android on the Google Play Store here.  

Who owns Budtenders Club?

Budtenders Club started in Arizona and is expanding to other states. The club is owned by Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger, Executive Director. Our headquarters is in Arizona.

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