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About Budtenders Club
Budtenders Club Mission and Vision

Budtenders are at the heart of everything that Budtenders Club does. We’re changing the profession by giving budtenders and dispensary employees access to other professionals, powerful tools, and free educational content. Budtenders Club was founded in 2019 by Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger. Since then, we’re proudly building a national association that’s becoming a driving force in the cannabis industry.

“Budtenders Club exists to help budtenders have better careers with more opportunities in the cannabis industry.”

Offenbonger, Club Founder

Networking, Education, and Fun

Budtenders Club is a national association dedicated to empowering budtenders and dispensary employees. We work  to strengthen opportunities for budtenders and advocate for what matters most to them – with a focus on networking, career development, education, and fun! Advocating for budtenders is at the heart of our mission It’s part of what we do from our national office in Arizona. If you are a budtender or dispensary employee, join us. It’s free.

We Live How You Live

Budtenders Club is made possible thanks to the incredible budtenders who have joined our Club, and cannabis brands who support our cause. We are strong believers in the power of community. The Budtenders Club team itself are cannabis consumers from a variety of backgrounds, and we’re here to help you.

Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger

Founder & CEO
Likes to hike in the Grand Canyon. Real OG.

Barnyard Bernie DiSantis

Vice President, Operations
Grows his own weed. BBQ expert. Punk rock fan.

Kacey Parra

Community Manager
Lots of things going on – no time to breathe.

Coach O.

Event Manager
Still thinks the Dallas Cowboys can win a Super Bowl.

Why Are We Doing This?

Because budtenders matter.

Every profession has a trade association. We are the association for budtenders.

Cannabis brands and dispensaries can’t exist without budtenders. Budtenders are the most critical component in the sales cycle. They drive product sales. They educate patients and recreational consumers. They serve customers.

Yet budtenders often didn’t have a voice at the table the cannabis industry. They were underappreciated, undervalued, and taken for granted. We aim to change that.

Always at Your Service

If you have a general question for us, just send us an email at info@budtendersclub.org. You can also log in to your account on our private social network for assistance. We’ll get back to you right away. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well.