Sponsor a Budtenders Club Event

How we can grow your profits and goodwill

Welcome to Budtenders Club (BC). We appreciate your interest in sponsoring a Budtenders Club event.

“Participating in Budtender’s club was a great experience! It’s a great organization with a great mission, that organizes great events that allow budtenders and leading brands to interact in a well-structured and comfortable setting. I would 10/10 recommend brands participate if they are looking to build real connections and drive sales with budtenders!”

Kurt Kaufmann, CEO, Seed Talent

What you’ll get from this page

What is Budtenders Club?

Budtenders Club is a national association that brings together budtenders and dispensary employees for networking, education, career development, and to advance goodwill in the cannabis industry.

We help budtenders and dispensary managers stay informed, network, and prosper.

Membership to our club in free and we don’t charge members to attend our events.

Budtenders Club started in Arizona and is expanding to other states. The club is operated by Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger, Executive Director.

Who can benefit from sponsoring a Budtenders Club event?

Our events are unlike other industry events. Our events have only one sponsor (or family of brands). That means you have three hours of unimpeded access to this influential group of sellers.

If your company has budtenders selling its products, then your company can benefit from sponsoring one of our events.

If your dispensaries employ budtenders and is regularly recruiting and training, then the goodwill you’ll develop by sponsoring an event will be invaluable. You want to be known as a company that supports budtenders.

There are other situations where sponsorship is appropriate:

  • When you are launching a new product
  • When you are opening a new dispensary
  • To support a major promotional campaign
  • To revitalize and bring new life to an existing product
  • When cultivating goodwill amongst budtenders supports your business objectives
  • To enhance or reinforce brand awareness
  • To educate budtenders about your products
  • To allow (and control how) budtenders to sample your products

Learn more about what your company can expect from sponsoring an eventsponsorship investments, and how to reserve a sponsorship for your company.

How to measure return on investment

There are several metrics you can use to measure your ROI:

  • Sales volume and order frequency. Measure sales lift in the 90 days after an event. By product or your entire portfolio. Whatever best meets your objectives. Are they ordering more frequently? Buying new products?
  • Third party platform engagement. If your brands participates in platforms like SparkPlug, Seed Talent or Leaf.VIP, you’ll be able to measure post event budtender engagement with your content on those platforms, which is a great indicator of the impact of the event to your brand.
  • Post event survey. We provide you with a list of all registrants for the event, which includes their name, dispensary, and email address, with an optional field for phone number. Send attendees a survey to measure their thoughts on your brand.
  • CRM analysis. Are your reps getting more quality appointments with buyers? What does your sales funnel look like before and 60 days after the event?

Information about our club members

Club members are required to work in dispensaries as a budtender, store or shift manager, store inventory control manager, receptionist, or other dispensary position.

Membership to the club is free. We also do not charge members to participate in our events.

Data from Zippa shows that 60% of all budtenders are female and that the average age of a budtender is 33. Our club membership follows that pattern.

What we do at a Budtenders Club event

The number one thing budtenders do at a Budtenders Club event is have fun!

They also network, socialize, learn, win prizes, sample sponsor supplied products (where allowed), eat, drink, and enjoy good music.

We hold a Budtender Club in person event once per month. Each event lasts about three hours.

Every event includes an educational component which covers about 25 minutes. This educational component is designed to provide our members with skills and information for them to be high achievers within a dispensary environment.

How many budtenders attend a Budtenders Club event?

It depends on the state and location.

We get robust turnout at our events. Every event sponsor we’ve had to date has wanted to schedule another event with us.

Our Club is growing and expanding. We expect attendance to grow as well.

Budtenders Club started in January 2020. After two successful and well attended events, sponsored by Vapen, Leafly and Dutchie, the Club suspended in-person events due to COVID.

Our Club resumed holding live events in 2022. We’re honored that you are considering an event sponsorship and urge you to continue reading to learn how sponsorship can benefit your company.

What you can expect from sponsoring an event

Here’s what you and your company can expect from sponsoring a Budtender Club event:

  • Exclusivity. We have only one sponsor (or family of brands) per event. You don’t share the attention of our members with other companies. The sole focus of our event for the month is on our one sponsor.
  • Three-part promotional plan. Count on aggressive and innovative promotion of your sponsorship prior to, during, and after our event. Our promotional channels include social media, email, text messaging, social sharing, flyers, event announcements, and more. Our in-house media team creates and shares digital assets you can use in promoting your sponsorship of our event. We make a video of each event, have a professional photographer at each event, and provide these to you for your ongoing use. You also get an email list of all who registered to attend the event you sponsor!
  • Full event access. We encourage you to provide product gifts and samples to our event attendees. Past sponsors have provided free dab stations and beverage samples, prerolls, T-shirts, branded dab tools, vaporizers, trips, and more during our events. You may begin event set up one hour prior to the start time. Your staff is encouraged to mingle with the members throughout the event. Our goal is for this to be a great experience for your company that you’ll want to do yearly.
  • Professionalism and full support. We are easy to work with and are flexible. We’re accessible and professional. We are dependable. You’ll find our team dedicated, enthusiastic and highly committed to making your sponsorship an enormous success.

The investment required to sponsor a Budtenders Club event

Your investment varies by state, location, and the scope of the experience you want to provide our members

Investments commonly range between $7,000 and $10,000 per event, payable by ACH transfer, company check or credit card.

We provide the venue, food, music, educational program, staff, photographer, mailing list, marketing collateral, and marketing support – you provide product samples, SWAG, support personnel and the magic that is your brand to our audience for an experience all are sure to enjoy.

Have something a little different in mind? We’re open to your ideas. Contact Brian at brian@budtendersclub.org or (602) 703-2307 for a discussion.

How to reserve a sponsorship for a Budtenders Club event

Email our Executive Director, Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger, at brian@budtendersclub.org to discuss your objectives and our available meeting dates.

Your spot is secured upon receipt of your payment, and all sponsorship reservations are subject to our refund policy.

We’re honored that you’re considering sponsorship of a Budtender Club event! Please contact us with any questions and to reserve your company’s participation at one of our upcoming events.